Diagnostics of Cars

Equipment for Diagnostics of Modern Cars



PIN Reader for Texton (PSA)

PIN code reading from IMMO boxes on following models:

806   1998-2002
Partner   1998-2001

Ulysse   1997-2002

Berlingo   1998-2001
Evasion   1998-2002
Jumpy   1998-2001
Saxo   1998-2000
Xantia   1998-1999


PIN Reader for Valeo (PSA) (ID33)

PIN code reading from IMMO boxes on following models:

106   1997-2000
206   1997-2001
306   1996 ->
406   1997-1999


PIN Reader for Chrysler

PIN Reader for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge allows to read PIN from SKIM unit (type 2 system).


PIN Reader for VAG ID44 / ID13

PIN Reader for:

Golf Cabrio 2000-2002
Sharan 2000 ->
Lupo 2000-2003
Polo 2000-2001
Transporter 2000-2004

Alhambra 2000->
Arosa 2001->
Inca 2000->

80 1996
A3 1996-1997
A4 1995-1997
A6 1995-1997


PIN Reader for VAG ID42 / Opel ID40

PIN Reader for:

Golf Cabrio
Caddy 1998->
Sharan 1998-2000
Lupo 1998-2000
Polo 1998-2000
Transporter 1998-2000

Alhambra 1998-2000
Cordoba 1998-2000
Inca 1998-2002

Agila 2000->
Astra 1998->
Combo 2002->
Corsa 1998->
Meriva 2002->
Omega 1998->
Speedster 2001->
Tigra 1998->
Vectra 1998->
Zafira 1999->


PIN Reader for VAG ID33

PIN Reader for VAG, IMMO System 1 (ID33 transponders):

Golf 3
Passat 4
T4 1993-1998

Toledo 1993-1998
Ibiza 1993-1998



PIN Reader for Opel/GM

PIN Reader for Opel/GM, IMMO System 1 (ID33 transponders):

Astra F 1995-1998
Calibra 1995-1998
Combo 1998-2002
Corsa 1995-1998
Omega 1995-1997
Sintra 1997-1998
Tigra 1995-1998
Vectra 1995-1998


ECU Reset for Renault

Probably you did had problems when tried to replace damaged Renault injection control unit.
From the year 1994 most Renault cars are equipped with engine immobilizer system and it makes replacement of injection computer more complicated. There is no problem if replacement ECU is bought from Renault service dealer - it is sold with no immobilizer code stored, but replacing damaged computer with used one is impossible because of mismatch of unlocking codes.

This Decoding tool has several modes of operation and deals with all known petrol and diesel injection systems, introduced in range of year 1994-2001 without intervention in to the ECU (diesel coded anti-start valve as well).
After decoding process is completed, control unit became not coded - as it was bought from dealer.
ECU must be taken out from the car and connected to the decoding tool according to user manual.


Remote and Coil Detector

• IMMO coil operation checking.
• Radio Frequency remote control operation checking.
• Infra Red remote control operation checking.


Immobilizer Coil Detector

The Immo Coil Detector has been designed to assist with the diagnosis of all IMMO systems using transponder technology.
The coil of antenna fitted around the ignition barrel is one of the critical components of an IMMO system.

If you have some problems while you program keys or original key has not work anymore you have to search the reason of this problem.

The operations:
Press “ON” button. Place IMMO Coil Detector near the ignition barrel and turn ignition ON.
If “OK” LED has light or flash and audio indication has sound that means IMMO Coil is working correctly.
This device is one of an necessary additional assistants in your work.


Remote Detector, 0 MHz - 1,2 GHz + Infra Red

• Radio Frequency remote control operationchecking (0 MHz - 1,2 GHz).
• Infra Red remote control operation checking


Explorer for Renault

The Explorer allows you add blank key or card for many of Renault cars via OBD-2 socket.
You do not need any PIN code! Software programs keys automatically. Also you can change VIN in UCH module (immobilizer) for example if your UCH module was previously used on another car.

• Very simple and user-friendly software interface
• You do not need any PIN codes or access to Renault.net
• You can program up to 4 blank keys/cards
• Automatic remote control programming
• You can change VIN if immobilizer module was used previously
• VIN checksum check
• Internet updateable

Supported models (Release 1.2):
Clio II Ph2/3, 2002-2006
Espace IV, 2003-2006
Espace IV Ph2, 2006+
Kangoo MUX Ph2, 2002-2007
Laguna I Ph2, 1998-2000
Laguna II, 2001-2006
Master Ph2, 2002-2006
Megane II, 2003-2006
Scenic 2, 2003+
Trafic 2, 2002-2006
Velsatis, 2002+
Velsatis Ph2, 2006+


DLC Detector

The DLC Detector checks the OBD port power supply (+12V and ground connection).


MB Keyprog

Price on request!
Introduction and training necessary!

Current features:
• Easy and convenient generator of microprocessor software dumps.
• Support of keys based on the NEC controller. Such as 0x28, 0x35, 0x40, 0x51, 0x57, 0x61, 0x71, 0x81, 0x229.
• Ability to check status and proper operation of Electronic Steering Lock (ESL).
• Ability to program ESL right on a car. (No need to replace it)

Supported vehicles:
W202 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W203 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)
W208 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W209 (MC9S12DG128 controller)
W210 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W211 (MC68HC912DG128A, 9S12DT128B controller)
W215 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)
W220 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W230 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W639 Vito (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)


Immo Emulator for Honda

Can remove immobilizer function for Honda cars years 1999-2001 only.
These cars use factory keys with Megamos crypto transponders.
Car immobilizer unit is integrated in the motor ECU. If all car keys are lost motor ECU must be replaced. This is very expensive and for older cars Honda dealers refuse to order motor ECU.
Solution is our immobilizer emulator for Honda. You just need desolder original immobilizer board from motor ECU and install immobilizer emulator for Honda.


Immo Emulator für VAG

Can emulate good working immobilizer for any VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda engine control unit (including diesel pumps) to year 2000 (all kind of IMMO1 and IMMO2).
This tool can by useful for car tuning spe cialist, when new type motor are in stalled in old vehicle and you need disable original immobilizer function in engine ECU.
Can replace defective immobilizer unit (very common problem in older cars) on VW Golf III, Passat B4-B5 to year 2000, Sharan 1996-2001, T4, T5 to year 2000, Seat to year 2001, Skoda to year 2001.


Immo Emulator for Renault

After decoding of Renault injection computer using our ECU Reset for Renault or by entering security code, in most cases you can start engine, but some of injection computers can not operate without immobilizer code stored in their memory.
Diesel EDC15C3, DCU3R and MSA15, petrol SIRIUS32 (except these for 1.4L engine) and FENIX5 for 2.0L 16V engine require working unlocked (with good key) immobilizer unit or our immobilizer emulator for Renault.
Include connection manual.
Use together with ECU Reset for Renault.